Are you interested in guest posting? Well, we just so happen to be open to guest contributors!


Mommy Matters strives to provide resources to common parenting struggles that encase a wide variety of approaches.


Our audience is millennial moms of newborns and toddlers, as well as mom-to-be’s.


We are currently looking for posts related to:

  • Infant feeding. Specifically pumping, bottle feeding, and formula feeding.

  • Childbirth. Anything about natural childbirth, drug free, epidurals, or cesareans.

  • Approaches to infant sleep. Babywise, no-cry, co-sleeping, CIO, Ferber, you get the idea.

  • Working as a mother. Working full time, part time, both inside and outside of the house, and being a SAHM.



    Posts must be:

    • 900-5,000 words OR a Quick Read, meaning that it takes one minute or less to read

    • More about your audience than you. Sorry, but readers don’t really care about writers. They have their own problems to solve.

    • Actionable

    • Edited

    • *List posts and how-to’s are a pretty safe way to go


    How to become a guest contributor on Mommy Matters:

    Pitch it!

    • Shoot me your ideas at Note that this is NOT a .com address. 
    • Include your website so that I can check you out!


    I’ll let you know if one of your ideas is a good fit for us.


    Write it!

    • After you write your post, put it in a Google Doc and share with the above email address.
    • If you don’t have Google Docs or G-Suites, let me know and we can arrange another way for you to send it.


    I’ll review it and determine the next steps: line it up for publishing, kick it back for edits, or reject it.

    •  Posts will be rejected for reasons such as:
      • Poor quality
      • Being judgmental of mothers who take a different approach than the one you are proposing
      • Basing content on claims that can’t be backed up (such as CIO will damage your child- false false false).

    Things we love:

    • Empowering content that supports mothers, regardless of the approach they are taking (She wants to give her baby formula? Awesome! Here is how she can do it!)
    • A few sprinkles of snarkiness.

    accepting guest contributors