Are you tired of getting kicked with shit every time you use the Windi?

Me too.

That little butt straw is oh so effective, but oh so gross at the same time.

Lucky for both of us, I discovered a hack to keep the mess to a minimum.

Check it out. 


Windi Hack


1.  Rub baby’s bell or cycle her legs as usual.


2.  With one arm, hold her over the sink.

3. Using your opposite hand, insert the Windi into her bum.


If you are doing this with a girl, be super careful. Always use a mirror so that you can see what you are doing.

After the Windi is inserted, you can continue to rub your baby’s belly with one thumb while bicycling her legs with the other hand. 


The more your baby relaxes, the easier it is to get the gas out, go get her laughing.


The poop will shoot out, as usual. You can let it drop directly into the sink, or use a plastic bag to catch it.


When you are all done, simply rinse out the sink, spray it down with a disinfectant, and wipe any excess poo off of their bum. Whala!


Check out the hold below at 3:40.





And of course, if you haven’t tried the Windi yet, or you need to restock, you can buy them here on Amazon. 


Mommy Matters is an affiliate of Amazon Services, LLC. This doesn’t affect the prices of the products you buy whatsoever. You can read my super anticlimactic disclosure here.



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