“Where is the butt whistle?!” my husband shouted over the frantic screams of our baby.


“In the bathroom next to the sink!” I yelled back.


One moment all hell was breaking loose, and the next, silence.


The “butt whistle” had worked.


From that moment, I was hooked.



My Review of Windi the Gas Passer


I can easily say that Windi the Gas Passer is one of my favorite baby gadgets.


I was freaked out by it at first, but after taking a leap of faith, have found it to be the most useful tool in my arsenal.



What Exactly is the Windi?


Windi the Gas Passer is a rectal catheter. Again, sounds freaky. But it really isn’t.


All newborn babies struggle to pass gas for various reasons, so the Windi aids them by bypassing their anal sphincter so they can release built up gas.


It is a hollow plastic tube with a built in stopper. This stopper is critical because it ensures that you can’t put the Windi too far up their rectum by accident.


How to Use Windi the Gas Passer


1.  Begin by massaging your baby’s belly. This could look like using long, clockwise strokes in a circle around his belly, or bicycling his legs.


2. Lay your baby flat on his back.


3.  Lubricate the tip of the Windi. I suggest using coconut oil.


4. Using one hand, lift both of your baby’s legs. 


5.  Using the other hand, insert the Windi into his bum.


At this point, you should hear gas pass through the tube. Poop may accompany it.


If nothing happens, repeat steps 1-5.



Pros and Cons of the Windi


Like everything, the Windi comes with different benefits and drawbacks. Here is what I found from my experience.


Pros of the Windi


  • Very fast and effective at relieving gas. I don’t think there is anything faster or more effective than the Windi.


Cons of the Windi



  • Expensive when used on a regular basis (unless you sterilize and reuse them. The packaging says not to do this, but after doing some reasearch I felt it was safe)


  • Can inhibit baby from passing gas on their own if used too often (which is why you should use it no more than 2x/day)





I absolutely think that the Windi is worth buying. Nothing else has been able to relieve my baby’s gas pain as quickly and efficiently.


And when my partner and I are about to rip each other’s heads off because the sound of our baby screaming for hours is literal torture, a quick fix is exactly what we need.




That being said, this product might not be for everybody. Some people will find it too intimidating, or perhaps their baby’s symptoms are more mild.


In that case, I think there are some great alternatives to help with your baby’s gas pain.



Probiotic drops

Probiotics aren’t a quick fix for your baby’s gas problems, but they are a long term solution. Babies are born with pretty minimal gut flora, which is one of the reasons for their constant tummy upsets.


Taking probiotics on a daily basis can help to boost your little one’s gut flora so that her gas pain becomes less frequent. 


Gripe water

Gripe water is a mixture of herbs and sodium bicarbonate that is used to dissolve gas bubbles in your baby’s tummy. This one is specifically branded as being safe for newborns.  




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