Did you know that babies can stop breathing when they fall into a deep sleep? I didn’t until recently.


My understanding of SIDS was that the risks plummeted when babies had proper air circulation. This meant making sure that they were laid to sleep on their back, and their face was kept uncovered. Oh, and fans could help.


The other times they died sounded like a big mystery. Turns out, it’s often from falling into deep sleep.


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When I was pregnant with Petra, I decided to buy the Snuza Hero to reduce my paranoia. And I’m glad I did. It may have saved her life yesterday. Here is the story:



What is the Snuza Hero?


The Snuza Hero is a movement monitor that clips onto your baby’s diaper and senses motion from their belly.


If your baby stops breathing for 15 seconds, it will vibrate in an attempt to rouse them. If that doesn’t work, it will sound a loud alarm after an additional 5 seconds.


This gives you as the parent (or potentially another caregiver) the ability to rush to them and either rouse them awake, or perform infant CPR, whichever is necessary.



I can’t recommend the Snuza Hero enough. Not only did it possibly save my daughter’s life yesterday (which is reason enough!), but it also enables me to get work done around the house without worrying that she will die while I am folding laundry.


Did I mention that it helps me sleep better too? I don’t wake myself up to stare at her belly, like I did with my first daughter.


How Does it Compare to the Owlet?


As noted in the second video, the Owlet has also received many great reviews. The Owlet is a monitor that your baby wears like a sock. It measures their oxygen level and heart rate.


When your baby’s oxygen level drops too low, or their heart rate moves out of the safe zone, an alarm will sound on the dock and on your phone.


This is ideal if your baby monitor doesn’t reach across the house, or if you are paranoid about them being with another caregiver.


I can’t vouch for the Owlet, because I don’t have any personal experience with it yet, but it’s the only gift on my Christmas list this year, so I will update you soon!


With the technology we have today, it feels crazy not to utilize movement or oxygen monitors, when they can easily save our child’s life.


That being said, I didn’t use one with my first daughter. I didn’t even know they existed. So no judgement here.


If you are expecting a baby, or you know someone who is, I sincerely hope that you get one. For life, sleep, and peace of mind.



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