Who has time to hang out, attached to a breast pump for 4 hours a day? Nobody.


Being stuck to a pump is miserable, especially when you have work to do and a baby to take care of.


Your time is precious, so I’m going to keep this short.


The two tips to speed up pumping sessions and increase you milk output are

  1. Breast massage
  2. Breast compression


Do not, I repeat, do NOT strap on that pump and expect to extract every last drop of your liquid gold. Your milking sessions (yes, let’s just call a spade a spade) will take foreeeever and you will still fail.


Watch the pump. When your milk begins to slow down, stop. Massage your breasts in a circular motion, then reattach and squeeze your boobs to help push the milk out.


Repeat until your breasts are soft.

Doing this loosens the milk from the milk ducts. It allows you to gather more hind milk (the awesome, fatty kind) and pushes it out faster.

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If you have a single breast pump, using a haakka will speed things up by siphoning milk from the opposite breast.

It’s basically like a milk-storing suction cup.

If you don’t already have a pumping bra, I recommend the Simple Wishes DLITE bra because it is fully adjustable (size XS-L) and has two layers of thick fabric to hold the pump in place.

Then you can eat or scroll through Pinterest.



Using this technique every time you pump your breasts will help you to maximize your time, increase the fat content of your milk, and even increase your milk supply!


If you found this helpful and need to purchase one of these products, it would mean a lot to me if you used my affiliate links.


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