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My name is Jade. I’m a wife, mother of two and coffee addict. Originally from Minnesota, I now reside in Bangkok with my husband and kiddos.

We are missionaries here, working with churches to help refugees.

I started this blog as a way to process my horrendous home birth in Thailand.

My goal is to help mothers come out from under the shame and scare tactics that so many people use, and equip them to find parenting approaches that work for them.

I went through a lot of crappy experiences during my first year as a mother. And through the crap storm I learned that there is no right way to parent. What really matters is that we love our children.

That is at the heart of this blog blog.

I want every mother to be empowered to make parenting decisions that keep her happy and healthy.

I don’t think that anybody should be shamed or scared into making decisions that interfere with their ability to love and bond with their child.

So journey with me as I take all my rough edges and piece them together to make something beautiful. Bring your own pieces, and let’s make a freaking masterpiece!