Whether you’re switching your baby’s formula because of cost or ingredients, it’s pretty straightforward, and nothing to freak out about.


Why Switch Formulas


While milk protein allergies are more rare than you would think, it does happen for some babies.


A milk protein allergy can cause a baby severe gastrointestinal pain and result in poor weight gain.


If your baby is taking a standard formula with cows milk protein and you suspect that he may be allergic, talk to your pediatrician immediately.


You may need to switch your baby to an alternative protein based milk such as soy.


Babies can also experience less severe reactions to formula such as constipation (from the iron) or gas.


If you are switching your baby’s formula for these reasons, you can continue using the same protein.


A third reason that parents switch their baby’s formula is because of cost.


(Because this shit gets freaking expensive! Worth it though.)

If cost is the issue, continue giving your baby the same type of protein.


Switching to a Formula with the Same Protein


If you are switching to a baby formula that has the same protein, you can make the transition immediately. It shouldn’t upset your baby’s tummy.

It’s possible that your baby will reject the milk because of taste. If she does that, take the gradual approach below.



Switching to a Formula with a Different Protein


If you are switching to a baby formula that has a different protein base such as soy, you should transition gradually.


You can also use this transition if your baby initially rejects the new formula.


It’s quite simple.


  • Day 1: ¾ old formula, ¼ new formula

  • Day 2: ½ old formula, ½ new formula

  • Day 3: ¼ old formula, ¾ new formula

  • Day 4: 100% new formula



What’s Next?

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